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Personal Protective Advice for Welding

Personal Protective Clothing, often referred to as PPE, is clothing worn by employees to protect them from hazards at the workplace.

It is an employer's obligation under The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 to protect workers from the risks that can cause injury from their work and provide adequate equipment and training. These risks include:

A metal fabrication workshop has a range of safety hazards: thermal, fire, electrical, slips, hand injuries, noise and vibration; PPE is required to mitigate each of these. It's important to note that while employers have a legal responsibility to ensure appropriate equipment is available and properly used, employees are also responsible for using it and for reporting any faults to the employer.

Therefore, this article does not focus solely on the type of PPE required for welding applications, but rather on additional best practice to maximise the efficacy of the PPE.

Body protection:

For safety whilst welding, an individual should be supplied with either full body coveralls or a combination of trousers and long-sleeved clothing meeting EN ISO 11611 Class 1 or Class 2. This will help protect the wearer against spatter, short contact time with flame, radiant heat from an electric arc used for welding and allied processes, and minimise the possibility of electrical shock by short-term/accidental contact with live electrical conductors at voltages up to approximately 100 V d. c. The class is dependent upon the hazardousness of the overall welding environment with Class 2 affording most protection.

Foot protection:

Hand protection:

Head and ear protection:

Eye protection:

At Air Products our leading ethos is that there is nothing more important than safety. PPE saves lives, therefore, it is paramount that you follow the legislative guidelines and wear and maintain the appropriate equipment properly. However, it is worth noting that PPE is the last line of defence. Risks should be eliminated or controlled at source and safe working practices adhered to at all times.

It is vital that all of your employees who have any interaction with industrial gas cylinders are fully trained on the working practices needed to keep themselves and the workplace safe. Our new online Gas Cylinder Safety training course is ideal for both new starters and those employees requiring refresher training to keep safety top of mind. The simple course is split into 11 core modules, lasts approximately 90 minutes, and can be stopped and re-started at any time. The course is accessible from all devices with individual or group management options and payable via credit card and on successful completion, respondents will receive a certificate of learning. Click to book or for further information.

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