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Cylinder Use

Working safely with Gas Cylinders

Do not remove or tamper any valves or valve guards on the cylinder. Always store and return the cylinders with the valve closed and valve caps fitted properly.

The majority of cylinders require standard pressure regulators and these need to be fitted by hand and only tightened using a spanner. Non-flammable gases have a right-hand thread and flammable gases have a left-hand thread. This is standard industry practice to prevent interchanging of fittings such as regulators for safety purposes.

Never alter a cylinder from its original state such as re-painting or changing the labelling or contents. Never remove individual cylinders from a pack as this is highly dangerous.

If a cylinder is damaged never attempt to repair. All damaged cylinders should be removed from the workplace, isolated, clearly marked and issues reported to the supplier.

Never attempt to dispose of a gas cylinder.

Remember - it is the cylinder owner’s responsibility to construct, inspect and test the cylinders to the required local legislation. In most cases this is the gas supplier as majority of industrial gas cylinders in the UK are rented.

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