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What is a Welding Application Specialist?

"No matter how much experience you have, there's always something new you can learn and room for improvement."1

No two welding applications are identical – and with innumerable combinations of materials and methodologies, specifying the best possible welding parameters for a given application is far from straightforward.2 This article looks at simplifying the task of optimisation.

The concept of continuous improvement means that, even when everything is operating well and targets are being achieved, there are always opportunities to improve further. This concept can be applied to all businesses, irrespective of scale – including welding operations. The nature of welding means that there are a huge number of variables to tweak to make gains in quality, productivity and profitability. Whilst this widens the scope for potential wins, it also makes the task daunting to take on. With so many inter-related elements to work with, there is a risk that making positive changes to one will have an adverse impact elsewhere. More urgent priorities often supersede undertaking this work and understandably, "it's not broken, why fix it" mentality maintains the status quo.

In addition, there are compliance and health and safety requirements to consider ensuring that the company is operating within the regulatory framework and implementing best practices.

Application Specialists

The purpose of an Air Products' Application Specialist is to advise on best practice and make consultative recommendations to optimise customers' welding output. As trained welders, holding qualifications including International/European Welding Engineer (IWE/EWE) Diploma in Welding, International Institute of Welding (IIW), and Welding Inspection Qualification, they are able to consult and advise on any aspect of welding processes, ensuring that manufacturing organisations of all sizes are running productive, efficient, compliant and safe welding operations.

The team can also advise on the best equipment, consumables, and gas mixes to use for your application. From choosing a high-quality gas mix to maintaining equipment and adopting proper storage and handling for consumables.

Our Specialists work with hundreds of companies in diverse industries. This breadth of knowledge and experience is invaluable and used to build and refine their recommendations to companies. Effectively, Application Specialists operate as second pair of eyes to review the welding set-up from an objective perspective.

Our Experts

The Air Products' Application Specialists can recommend best practices to your company. They are independent of the sales team with no commercially focused objectives. We believe in investing in this service for customers, as we understand there is no substitute for experience. All Specialists are equipped with demonstration cylinders, so they can conduct welding demonstrations and tests in your workspace. Seeing opportunities come to life on your process with your staff is compelling. There is no need to envisage theoretical benefits – instead, you can see how practical steps can be taken to drive real improvements. There's never a bad time to ensure that your welding operation is performing at maximum efficiency.

If your company could benefit from FREE expert advice on any aspect of your welding or cutting operations, our Welding Application Specialists will be able to provide the support your need. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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